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We at Integrity Payment Processing

understand that the old "cookie cutter" approach to debit and credit card processing just doesn’t work in today’s marketplace. The electronic payments field is not a one-solution-fits-all industry. That’s why we work hard to understand your unique payment processing needs and customize the best solution for your business to grow and thrive. 

We Guarantee the Lowest Rates, 5 Star Customer Service, and 100% Transparency in Pricing & Fees. 

Our Full Range of Payment Solutions
“We realize that every business’ processing needs are unique, so we’ve created a one-stop-shop payment solution for any business type, anywhere! We are committed to creating the perfect solution for you!”
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • ​Retail Merchant Accounts
  • ​Ecommerce Merchant Accounts
  • ​Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchant Accounts
  • ​High Risk Merchant Accounts
  • ​Virtual Terminal
  • ​Online Payment Gateway
  • Mobile Payments
  • ​Online Reporting    
  • ​Chargeback Protection    
  • ​ACH and Electronic Check
  • ​Recurring Billing/Subscriptions
  • ​Equipment/Credit Card Machines
  • ​And Much More...
  • Mobile Payments
  • ​Online Reporting    
  • ​Chargeback Protection    
  • ​ACH and Electronic Check
  • ​Recurring Billing/Subscriptions
  • ​Equipment/Credit Card Machines
  • ​And Much More...

We Guarantee the Lowest Rates in the Industry

100% Transparency - No setup fees - No Application Fees – No Integration Fees

Don't take our word for it, Hear from some of our Clients:

Everest Cannabis

Livia is easy to work with, reliable, and incredibly responsive. We've had several situations where we needed support outside of typical work hours or to have terminals rushed to us and Livia has always been available to make sure we get what we need when we need it. She feels like an extension of our team with her dedication to our success.

Thanks for all you do for us!
Don't take our word for it, Hear from some of our Clients:

Sean Simpson, Co- Founder of Sarah Prout

"Livia has been my single greatest asset for acquiring new merchant accounts! I honestly couldn't imagine doing it without her (and before her I did). Considering how challenging it can be to find the right business support, Livia has been an absolute blessing... a perfect extension of my team. If you're looking for the best, then you found it." 

Denise Cotton- Royal, CEO of Corporate Events Pro

"Livia and the team at Integrity Payment Processing have been efficient, responsive, friendly, and professional. By far the best service I've received from anyone in this industry." 

Darnell T, President of Slay Queen Virgin Hair 

“Livia has been nothing less than extraordinary. I told her my problems I have been through with past merchants & what I didn’t want and what I needed exactly. A few days later she made sure I received everything requested. Unlimited processing with no reserves giving my business the space and opportunities to grow/scale my business. Livia will definitely get the job done and find the best solution for your business.”

Nicole Taylor, CEO of Nicole Taylor Consulting

“Being a referral partner with Integrity Payment Processing is such an easy decision. Livia handles all of the clients with such professionalism. We always save clients money and that is really what they are looking for. I’ve been working with them for a couple years now, love the mailbox money coming in every month and it’s an incredible way for helping businesses save money!”

Damon and Angela Damato, Founders of The Healing Sanctuary

"We were quoted from another processing company that we could only get $10K in monthly volume and that we'd have a 10% reserve on the account, meaning 10% of our monthly sales volume would be going into an escrow account, meaning less cash flow for our business. Within just a short few days, Integrity Payment Processing was able to get us a merchant account with more monthly volume at $50K a month with NO 10% reserve! We are so grateful as this not only saved us time, we get to keep more of our companies profits so we can make a bigger difference in the world, and at a much lower rate!" 

Stephanie Esparza, COO of Alpha Lion

"Prior to getting a new merchant account set up with Integrity Payment Processing, we had a merchant account with another provider that had high fees and a 10% reserve, meaning 10% of our monthly sales were going into an escrow account, taking away from our businesses cash flow. Anyone in the Nutraceutical/Supplement space knows that these high risk accounts are needed for our industry type to get set up to take debit/credit cards, however they are also very costly. Integrity Payment Processing was able to save us more than half on our processing fees and was able to get the reserve completely waived. They've given us excellent customer service over the last few years and highly recommend using them for your payment processing needs. Thank you for all the support Livia. You truly deliver exceptional customer service."
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